Clenbuterol Weight Loss

Clenbuterol is a drug which has come to be widely known as a weight loss producing drug.

Clenbuterol wasn’t initially developed as a weight loss drug!

..however, it is now very well established amongst those who use it as a very, very potent weight loss accelerator.

Clenbuterol for weight loss is something that needs to be discussed at length. So, let’s get straight on to that shall we? I’m guessing you’re here looking for information on whether or not to buy clenbuterol on the basis that it might help you shed some weight and get rid of excess body fat, right?

Well, that’s my guess and the reason this site exists is because I want to document my clenbuterol experiences and help you buy clenbuterol responsibly, should you choose to do so.

I’m going to write up some of my experiences with clenbuterol, including the weight loss effects, the side effects, the upsides, the downsides, how much clenbuterol costs to buy, where to buy clenbuterol, where NOT to buy clenbuterol and, if you’re in the UK, where to buy clenbuterol in the UK.

Clenbuterol initial use diary – including the side effects of the drug.

On my first day, I took just 1 clenbuterol (clen) tablet. I noticed some handshaking but nothing much.

Day 2: Presumed I hadn’t taken enough (as I’d read about big side effects and they didn’t happen) so decided to up my dose to 3 tabs.

Big mistake!

My hands were shaking, I was breathless, I felt my heart racing, my face heated up and I can only describe the feeling as like being on speed. Never slept, felt quite spooked.

As a result of that set back, I decided to lay off totally for a few days. It was horrible.

Day 5: Went back to just one tab for several days, no side effects but I did feel a bit buzzed. It was actually quite a pleasant feeling.

Day 9: Upped to two tabs (with trepidation). Noticed an elevation of the side effects but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Day 10: Stayed on two Clenbuterol pills, few side-effects but I HAD lost weight. I put this down to a combination of the Clenbuterol and the fact that two of the main, positive side effects I experienced with the drug, which are:
Clenbuterol as an appetite supressant
Clenbuterol gave my a major energy boost

Yes. I (finally) started seeing some results from something I’d tried.

Clenbuterol was the real deal.

I stayed on a two tab dosage for two weeks and then totally went off the Clenbuterol for one solid week (according to the advice I’d been given)

When I returned to the drug, I went with one tab (scared of the side effects of two tabs after having a week off) – but I found the results to be quite week, so I upped to two tabs the next day and had very mild side effects – hand shakes and some breathlessness, only when I was being very active. I also had some cramping in my ankle joints but, again after getting some advice, I took some potassium and that was solved.

Finally I took the plunge and went up to three tabs – remembering how bad the side effects of the Clenbuterol had been when I did this before.

This time, no problems. It felt like the best Clenbuterol buzz I’d had.

By now (19 days in) I had lost (wait for it……)

1 full stone in body weight.

My main side effect was weight loss – which, of course, was the side effect I actually wanted from the Clenbuterol in the first place.

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